Quarterly Update -

2021 April KC Partners Update from Alan

To our KC Family of Partners,

I’ve heard before that “The things that get us here won’t get us there” and for many aspects of our business this is very true. However when I look back 6 years when Pete and Michael trusted our family to begin the 3rd generation of family ownership, I am very confident that these things that got us to our 50th anniversary will still get us where we want to go:

The trust that exists between people and in the products.
The mutual respect for the value and opportunities created.
The commitment to transparent communication of expectations.

These are pillars that drive the quality of our relationships and therefore the quality of our results. The family of KC distributors, dealers, and industry partners continues to be a huge part of how we succeed and we are grateful for all of your efforts when a customer decides to choose a KC product.

KC must continue creating and marketing relevant products and experiences so you can provide the critical last few miles of sales, service, and support. We are united in our cause: The Customer. When we have a cause worth the sacrifice, we will overcome any challenge; together.

In 2021 you can expect new unique products and increased quality of product, service, and operations that all support an effortless and positive experiences. We take progress over perfection everyday and look forward to supporting all of you while honoring and building meaningful experiences and traditions.

Warmest Regards,

Alan Wang - Managing Partner


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